Dear Lincoln,

I cannot believe 2 months have already flown by. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your first week! This month sure has been a busy one since I’m trying to finish up my last semester of school! But we sure love spending our evenings together while dad is at work.

This month you got to take your first trip to Copper Harbor to see the fall colors. You made the trip quite interesting by making the messiest diaper ever while on top of Brockway Mountain. Of course, your dad and I forgot to pack a back-up onsie so we had to put you in pants and use a bib as a shirt. Needless to say we headed back home right away.

Since it was the month of Halloween you got to dress up as a pumpkin and go to “Treat Street” in downtown Houghton. The weather was beautiful and there was so many people out and about for it. We dressed you as a pumpkin the next week for actual Halloween and you handed out candy with me.

You also went to your first Michigan Tech hockey game and saw the Stanley Cup! (Maybe someday you’ll be playing for that cup if Grandpa teaches you hockey!)

This month was definitely a challenging one since we were trying to change formulas to see what you liked best. There were definitely a few nights that nothing would make you happy. But we’re starting to figure out what you like best now and the sleepless nights are becoming few and far between.

You seem to have discovered your smile now and you really love to ‘coo’ back at us. It sure is the cutest thing in the world! Its great to see you so happy.

We’re still trying to get you to enjoy tummy time but you don’t really want much to do with it just yet. Even though you don’t care for it you are still great at holding your head up on your own. I think this coming month you’ll be able to sit up in your Bumbo on your own.

We sure did a lot this month and I can’t wait to see what new things you learn and do in November.


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