As I sip my morning coffee I’m beginning to realize why everyone was telling me how crazy I was for going back to school right after a baby. I thought everyone was saying this for physical reasons, but honestly it is mentally draining. It probably doesn’t help that I chose to pack in 5 lecture classes and 3 P.E. classes in order to graduate in December.

Last night I had quite the mental breakdown about it telling myself that it wasn’t possible to jam in 1 exam, 2 term papers, 4 research papers, 1 book review, 1 portfolio, and 4 presentations to do in 5-6 weeks. This may be true, it definitely seems quite crazy, but I have turned my attitude around this morning. I wrote down my “Final Countdown” and I’m trying to set my own deadlines before the real ones are due.

I just gotta keep reminding myself that I can do this! I just need to drink tons of coffee and quit watching so many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy at night. If I can manage to get all this done in 46 days I will never have to take an exam, write a paper, or present anything for my undergraduate ever again.

It is possible. It’s crazy, insane, and absolutely ludicrous but it is possible. (I hope!)



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