It’s funny how many “super powers” you gain when you become a mom. It’s kind of like when you use a muscle over and over again it becomes stronger, but if you don’t use that muscle it remains weak and harder to use. Well, when you become a mom there are many senses that become heightened that you never really used to their full advantage before.

Here are a list of my new super powers since I’ve become a mom:

1. The ability to run on no sleep — Baby was up all night? No problem, just pour me an extra cup of coffee and I’m ready to go. Even though you might wish you had that extra couple hours of sleep last night, your body kind of takes on it’s own “autopilot” and you are still able to take care of a baby all day long, not to mention do whatever else you have to.

2. Super human strength — Carrying a baby around all day long sure can get tiring but somehow moms manage to do it for hours at a time if necessary.

3. The ability to do anything one handed — This strength kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last one. Since you’re gonna be carrying that baby around a lot, you’re gonna need to learn to do things with just one hand. Including tasks that even seemed impossible to do using both hands before.

4. The ability to wake up the second you hear your baby stirring — Before the baby, I wouldn’t even be able to wake up to extremely loud thunderstorms. Now I can hear Lincoln stirring in his crib before he even realizes he’s waking up.

5. The ability to sleep sitting up, or maybe even standing up if you had to — Even though you have the ability to run on little to no sleep, as soon as you get a second to close your eyes, you take it. That means even when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for your name to be called. It’ll happen, you’ll see.

6. The ability to block out noises — There will be days that baby just won’t be happy for any reason. You can try your hardest but sometimes he will cry and cry and cry. Luckily when you become a mom you gain the ability to almost block out the noise. Of course you don’t ignore it and you still try to do whatever the baby needs, but it’s as if the sound of crying doesn’t faze you anymore.

And last but not least…

7. The ability to create human life — I mean maybe this should be number one, but one of the most amazing super powers of moms is the fact that you housed and nurtured that little baby for 9 months beforehand. If it weren’t from you, and well a little help from dad of course, there would be no baby. That’s a pretty great super power.

And maybe I forgot some other great super powers that come with being a mom, but with great powers there must also be some faults.. Such as “mom brain”, ha ha!



2 thoughts on “Mom Super Powers

  1. So so cute and dead on! Do you do these blogs for school or just because? You are very talented πŸ™‚ I remember even in highschool in speech class you were good. You could even keep a straight face and mono tone when reciting fresh prince of belaire. (I tried to do it to our “8 Monkeys jumping on the bed” book, and i have to admit, it wasn’t easy!) Keep up the good work Hailey!


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