The days are getting shorter that I have to wake up in the morning, attend class, and spend my nights reading and writing endless papers. I know I continue to talk about how close graduation is getting, but seriously, I cannot believe that I have only 3 weeks of classes left! I almost wish there wasn’t Thanksgiving break in between so I could just get it over with but it sure will be nice to have a week off. Even if I will be spending a majority of it trying to get final papers and presentations done.

I got to admit, just a few weeks ago I was telling myself that all of this was impossible. That there was no way I would be able to complete all that was on my plate. I sure thought I was going to have to drop a class or two and pick them up in the spring.

I am glad to say that I took a deep breathe and reevaluated what I had left to do. With a clear head I was able to write down a list of what I had left and their due dates. I’ve already been able to cross quite a few things off that list. I’ve been staying on campus in between classes rather than driving back and forth, which has made a great time for productivity.

I am so glad that I found it in myself to power through the rest of this semester. It will be so nice when it’s all over in December and I won’t have to go back after Christmas vacation.



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