As I sit here watching Lincoln and his new fascination of his hands and grabbing things, I realize that I’m always looking towards the next milestone. I know his life is still fresh and new, but I find myself always searching online for what his next milestone he will reach, instead of focusing on the one he is reaching right now.

During his crying fits I always think to myself, this will all be over soon. He will grow into this little body and his tummy won’t hurt so bad. But at the same time, soon enough he won’t want to be held and cuddled like he does now. As soon as he figures out how to move there will be no holding him back.

He’s still a week shy of 3 months, but I can already see so much has changed. He doesn’t quite look like such a newborn anymore; He doesn’t sleep for the majority of the day like he used to (even though sometimes I wish he would, haha!); He smiles and coos whenever he is happy; He’s starting to get the hang of tummy time and not hating it as much; He has favorite toys and loves to hang on to them now.

Although I still seem to always want to know what’s coming next all the time. And sometimes its even discouraging reading those things online if he isn’t quite at that stage yet. But that’s fine, in time he will be. Not all babies grow and change at the same rate.

I just need to remember, that even if they are “small” milestones, like a smile or a coo, they are still big and new and something that he hasn’t done before. He’s still little, and I’m sure sooner than I’ll be ready, he’ll be racing across the floor while I try my best to catch him. So for now, I will try harder to live in the moment instead of focusing on what stage comes next.



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