I’ve always lived by the rule that Christmas does not start until after Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean it can’t start immediately after! We started decorating on Friday and we picked out our Christmas tree on Saturday.

While putting up the lights I came up with the idea of taking some Christmas photos of Lincoln. He did such a good job and loved looking at the lights. He even tried eating them as well. He’s starting the phase where everything goes in his mouth.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it’s already December and Lincoln turns 3 months old tomorrow!

ChristmasLights ChristmasLights-2 ChristmasLights-3 ChristmasLights-4 ChristmasLights-5 ChristmasLights-6 ChristmasLights-7 ChristmasLights-8 ChristmasLights-9 ChristmasLights-10 ChristmasLights-11 ChristmasLights-12 ChristmasLights-13 ChristmasLights-14 ChristmasLights-15


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