Dear Lincoln,

How has 3 months already gone by? It sure is true when they say babies grow up in the blink of an eye. You’re such a happy baby now! Smiling at everything and cooing, too! Sometimes at night you will just smile and coo in your bed when you’re supposed to go to sleep. But I can’t be mad because it’s the cutest thing.

This month was pretty busy! You had to get your 2 month shots and you didn’t care for those at all! But shortly after you were back to smiling again! We played around in the house a lot this month since theres so much snow and it’s so cold outside now. You’re gonna have to get used to it when you’re older though!

You’re beginning to like tummy time a little bit I think! You’re definitely starting to pick your head up off the ground. And now you have a major obsession with eating your hands! That’s one thing that distracts you from tummy time. You’d rather munch on your hands than lift your head, but thats okay!

This month we celebrated Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for you! We went to your grandparents house and ate lots of food. (Well sadly, you didn’t eat the food but you can next year!) We got to spend time with your uncle Mark & aunt Laura, & cousin Ann! She’s very interested in you!

We also went to pick out a Christmas tree and you loved it! You got to be all bundled up in a little sleigh and watch as we picked the right one. We decorated at home and you love all the pretty lights. I decided to take advantage of that and get some pictures with you and the Christmas lights.

This next month of yours will be really busy. Mom is graduating from college(!!), your other grandparents are coming up from downstate to visit, and we get to celebrate your first Christmas & New Years!

Everyday with you is more exciting and fun, I can’t wait to see what this month has in store!




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