I’ve sat down to write a post quite a few times over this holiday vacation so far. I realize that it has been weeks since I’ve wrote something. I’ve just come to realize that life is busy! Even if Lincoln wasn’t around, the last couple of weeks would still have kept me tied up. Between finishing my last semester of school, graduation, John’s parents coming to town, and Christmas.. I didn’t really have much time to sit down, let alone write something (sadly).

Now that everything is starting to die down a bit, the writing will be more consistent (I hope!) Life is still busy with or without the holidays, but I should have more time to sit down and write now.

It’s crazy how fast things can go by. I remember having Lincoln on the first day of the semester and thinking to myself that the end seemed so far away. Somehow through all of the studying, paper writing, feeding, and diaper changing, the end seemed to come out of no where. The semester is over and graduation has already happened. It really is crazy to think that it all ended so quickly.

Since graduation was just 5 days before Christmas it was a quick transition from one to the other. It sure was nice to celebrate Lincoln’s first Christmas. I realize that he won’t really remember it or even know whether or not he got any presents but we still got some anyway. Just things that we would have bought them anyways, but just wrapped them up and put them under the tree instead.

Christmas came at a great time this year. It was great to celebrate graduation and spend a lot of time with family. Now that everything is winding down, it’s kind of nice to sit in my cozy house drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the fact that Lincoln is peacefully napping.

There is just one more holiday to celebrate (New Years!) I cannot believe how fast 2014 has gone by. A lot sure has happened in one year! I’ll be writing a reflection post on the year sometime this week. What are everyone’s plans to ring in the New Year?!

IMG_7005 3months-12


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