I remember last New Year’s Eve, John and I decided to go out and celebrate the new year. We had a few drinks but nothing too outrageous. The next morning I woke up and had what felt like the worst hangover of my entire life. I thought it was odd because we didn’t go crazy the night before and I didn’t typically get many hangovers.

The “hangover” feeling lasted a couple mornings and I began to think it was quite odd. I decided that maybe I should take a pregnancy test, and sure enough it was positive! So, 2014 started with some very exciting news! (And don’t worry, clearly nothing is wrong with Lincoln, I was unaware of being pregnant, I didn’t drink a lot, and he was just a week or two “old”)

2014 consisted of many adventures, a few travels, lots of laughs, and a whole bunch of love.

We finally announced my pregnancy at the end of March because we wanted to tell family and close friends before word got out to everyone. We were unsure at the time what we were having so we had to make the announcement gender neutral.


A couple weeks later we found out that it was going to be a boy!


We had quite the harsh winter here in the Upper Peninsula so a lot of the winter (and even spring) were spent indoors.

As a family we have many dinners together, so this year I wanted to be able to contribute and I decided to cook our Easter dinner. It turned out great if I do say so myself!

10391409_10204116127644178_8231455483835349669_n 10338727_10204116124244093_8756317325908954248_n

In the “beginning” of my pregnancy, I really wanted to be as active as possible, so we enjoyed a lot of exploring. (Things kind of changed towards the end!)


Our “spring” didn’t last very long here and it sort of ran into “summer”. Both of which were not very warm this year, but I wasn’t one to complain.

We took a quick trip to Mackinac Island where we trudged up many stairs (believe me, people looked pretty impressed to see a 30 week pregnant woman going up the stairs I was) and also indulged in some ice cream!

10423819_10204342034411706_5627426629895177382_n (1) 10415711_10204342035611736_2964416901914937871_n

One day we even drove to a town 45 minutes away just to get a cinnamon roll that was as big as our heads!

We celebrated the 4th of July and then my birthday 5 days later.


We had my baby shower on July 12th, everything involved blue! Good thing the ultrasound was right and we really did have a boy!

10533047_10204508105483379_5753974804201035820_n 10489763_10204508107643433_7619431069083615322_n

I had my maternity pictures taken at 35 weeks thanks to a lovely girl who’s photography I had always admired!

10560506_711081232274444_4284084917925611320_o (1)I waitressed until I was 36 weeks pregnant and then I decided it was about time to hang it up for a bit. Every shift got more and more exhausting after a while.

In August we helped my brother and his wife move into their new place while we took over their old house. It was definitely a nice change to go from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house. Luckily, I got out of moving most of the stuff anyways so it was a pretty easy move for me!

Only a few days were warm enough this summer to get in the water but we definitely took advantage of them! (And so did the dogs!)

10603468_10204734302818171_1734351901878080290_nThe end of August basically became a waiting game. I was due on the 29th but we were hoping he would arrive before then. We celebrated John’s birthday on the 25th in hopes that Lincoln would share the same day! We were wrong..

10421212_10204741805885743_8072029811820527960_nThe nursery was set and so were we. But, we ended up having to wait until September until Lincoln would make his appearance. And when he did, it was worth the wait!

10660248_10204243107815198_1069280473643252891_n 10646747_10204911680612505_8349602374941126589_n

Once he arrived it was time to transition right back into school mode. I went from college student during the day to new mom at night. It sure was a blurry couple of months, but they went by fast!

We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, graduation, and Christmas in a few short months.

It’s crazy to think how fast 2014 went by. A lot of it really did involve getting ready for Lincoln, celebrating his birth, and finishing up my degree.

Now with a new baby, and being a college graduate, I think 2015 has a lot more in store for us as well. Hopefully it just goes by a little slower so we can enjoy it to the fullest! Cheers to a happy New Year for everyone!


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