Wow, it’s almost been a whole month since I wrote my last blog post. Tomorrow Lincoln will be 6 months old already! Time is trying flying by with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

I have a few reasons that I haven’t written a post in a while. 1) I’ve been enjoying lots of Lincoln time. 2) Whenever I think of a good blog to write, I’m no where near a computer or phone (You would think I would have a journal already, right?!) 3) I’ve been waitressing again one or two nights a week, not a lot but it still takes time out of my day. 3) We’ve gone on vacation twice this month. 4) I’ve become a BeachBody coach (and with this I’ve been working out more and eating healthier, which requires more time in my day to prepare meals!)

To add onto the part of becoming a BeachBody coach, John and I started the 21 day fix program. We’re one week in and I love it so far. I did cheat a little yesterday when we went to Marquette, whoops! Basically, the 21 day fix is a 21 day program (as you probably guessed) that includes 30 minute daily workouts and portion control. With the program comes different colored and sized containers for your food based on their category. For example, the red container (protein) and green container (veggies) are the bigger ones and the orange container (salad dressings) is the smallest one. Using these containers is so much easier than counting calories! For the most part, if it fits in the container, you can eat it! (And no you can’t shove a donut in the container and say it fits, but nice try!) Based on your size and weight you get different amounts of each container a day. It’s very easy to follow. I’m happy to say that I’ve already lost 5 pounds in one week and I can definitely see a difference in the mirror.

So as you can see, February was quite the busy month, and to top it off it was only 28 days long. I’ve got quite a few blog posts in mind so hopefully there will be a few more coming in March!

Clearly Lincoln isn't on the 21 day fix or else he wouldn't feel the need to eat his foot  ; )
Clearly Lincoln isn’t on the 21 day fix or else he wouldn’t feel the need to eat his foot ; )

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