Dear Lincoln,

This sure has been a month of growth! You grew two new teeth and are starting to army crawl. You’ve got the world at your fingers and your parents wrapped around them.

This month has consisted of a lot of playing indoors. It’s still not quite warm enough to venture outside yet, sadly living in the U.P., spring doesn’t always mean spring weather. But now that you’re learning how to move on your own, playing inside is just fine. It’s so fun to watch you go from toy to toy all on your own, it definitely is more fun for you too!

You like to sit on your own, but you still tend to fall over because you get excited about it! You have picked out a few of your toys as your favorites, like your Sophie giraffe and your rolling, crawling ball.

You are also starting to learn to drink out of a cup, and that can be fun to watch too! We just had you try green beans for the first time and I think those might be your new favorite.

You’re taking less short naps during the day and about 2 long naps instead, which I’m totally okay with! You love to go on car rides still and those help put you to sleep too.

You’re growing so fast, I think by next month when I write your blog post you will have the hang of crawling down, and maybe even a few more teeth!

I love watching you grow, I’m glad I get to be your mom!


6months-3 IMG_9379 Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset 7months-3 7months-5


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