This past weekend consisted of a lot of happy, but simple things. Sometimes I think life gets too busy and it’s really easy to let the little moments pass us by. 

On Friday, we were hit with a winter storm warning, which is nothing out of the ordinary for April in Upper Michigan. But, also on Friday, Lincoln started to learn his ‘m’s, so now I’m hearing a lot of “mama”. Of course I don’t think he makes the connection of what he’s saying to it meaning his mama, but it still something I love to hear.

On Saturday, the weather made it up to the 50’s or maybe even 60’s and you couldn’t even tell it had snowed the day before. We enjoyed the day to the fullest. We went for a nice long walk around town to feel the sunshine and also cleaned up the yard a bit. We cooked pork in the crockpot all day long for pulled pork sandwiches and had some family come over to enjoy them. 

Sunday was another beautiful day and my mom came over to watch Lincoln so John and I could go to a movie together. It was the first time we’ve gone to a movie in theaters since June, and it was also the first time we’ve left the house at the same time without Lincoln with us! We got another walk in during the evening and the weather was still in the 70’s.

It may not sound like the most exciting of weekends, but like I said, it’s the little, simple things that mean the most. The simple pleasures of Lincoln and watching him learn, good weather, great company, and delicious food. I am so thankful for this life I live. 



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