As my first Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but get a little bit emotional. Last year, I was pregnant with Lincoln and anxiously awaiting his arrival. My mother gave me some flowers in honor of the day and I happily dreamed about the coming year.

It’s so crazy to think how fast our lives really go by. When Lincoln was first born, those first couple of months seemed to drag on with the sleepless nights and my constant fear of “am I doing this right?!” And then once school was over for me and Lincoln started to get used to life post-belly, everything seems like a blur. He is becoming such an independent little man (ha ha, “man” even though he’s only 8 months old!) But really, I cannot believe how old he seems to me now. I see other babies in stores or on my various social media pages and cannot picture Lincoln that size anymore. And I have only known him for 8 months, I cannot imagine what it’s like for mother’s whose children are grown up.

These 8 months of being a mother have been the most tiring, frustrating, stressful, joyous, happiest, and rewarding months of my life. You never truly know what it feels like to be a mother until you become one and it is something that I never knew I was meant to be, but now that I am, I could not picture my life any other way. 

Not only have these months taught me what it’s like to be a mother, but they have made me appreciate my own mother on a whole new level. I have always told my mother ever since I was little that she is the best mother in the universe but I never truly appreciated what it meant to be to hold that title. I cannot wait for the day to hear Lincoln say the same to me. 

I am so thankful for all the things my mother taught me to be a great mother myself. Of course at the time she didn’t know that’s what she was teaching me, and neither did I, but now that I’m older I can say I have learned so much. The biggest lesson that I’ve gained is to give love. Mothers may not always have the best of everything to give their children, but as long as they give them their love, they will be set for life.

All I can say is, this Mother’s Day I am so grateful that I get to spend my life as Lincoln’s mother.



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