Recently, John and I began leveling a spot in our backyard so that we could make a small patio for chairs, a fire pit, and a grill. I know exactly what I want it to look like in my mind and it’s going to be perfect (whenever it is finished). We started the project a few weeks ago when the weather was sunny and nice. And then, like typical Upper Peninsula weather, it started to rain and snow, and it was just downright too cold to go out and work on it. And then when the weather cleared up, we couldn’t work up the courage to go buy $100+ worth of materials to finish the project.

We will be traveling to Florida at the beginning of July for a week to visit John’s parents, and we come back the day before my birthday. So that means, one week (or more) off of work for the both of us, which also means one week of no income (and that adds up quick).

So right now, we are trying to save as much money as we can to have a good time in Florida (and also pay bills) rather than finish our little patio. And to be honest, that is something I am perfectly fine with. I have been kind of an impatient person my whole life (I try so hard not to be!) so maybe we started the project a little too early without planning out how it was going to get finished. But I’m beginning to learn that maybe it’s okay to have a random dug out square in our backyard for the moment. It’s not going anywhere, and there will be a time when we feel it is right to finish the project. The same could be said for the piles of laundry that take over my dining room table or the dishes that sit in the sink for an extra day. With a little one at the house, sometimes when he takes his nap I’ve realized that it is completely okay to sit on the couch and have a cup of coffee. The dishes can wait until the evening. (Of course they can’t wait days and days, but a few extra hours won’t hurt them). So like I said, sometimes things have to wait, and that is completely okay.



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