If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might recall a post of mine called “The truth about a typical day with a newborn”. If you haven’t read it or don’t remember it, you can find the post here.

Anyways, to make a quick summary of that old post, it basically talked about the fact that Lincoln wasn’t on much of schedule at the time and one day was different from the next. It kind of mocked the normal posts you see about newborn schedules and how stay at home mother’s go kind of insane during the day.

Well, now that Lincoln is a bit older and has been able to actually adjust to a daily schedule, I would have to say that things around the house run a lot smoother now. And I like to call Lincoln a “pre-toddler” now because we like to call 11 and 12 year old “pre-teens” since they kind of adjust from being a little kid into a teenager during those years. Well, I feel that the same goes for 6 month olds to about 1 year olds. Some times it amazes me that Lincoln is only 9 months old by the things that he does and how fast he has learned, other times when he has a temper tantrum because I didn’t get him down for a nap on time it reminds me of some of his newborn days.

Well, back on topic now, here is what a typical day with my pre-toddler looks like (Also, I will leave out most of the diaper changes and that because I would hope you would know that those aren’t always scheduled and happen many times during our day)

7:45 AM – John heads off to work for the day and I spend a little extra time in bed (lucky me!)

8:20 AM – Lincoln’s internal alarm clock goes off and I grab him from his crib in his room.

8:21 AM – I bring Lincoln into bed with me so he can play around until my brain and body are ready to start the day.

8:30 AM – After Lincoln tries to dive bomb off the bed, or after he gets sick of trying to pull down our reading lamps attached to the headboard, we go downstairs.

8:31 AM – I put Lincoln down on the floor and toss his toys down with him and let him explore for a bit. We usually turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background, he doesn’t pay much attention to the TV itself but he loves all the songs and voices.

9:00 AM – After Lincoln gets bored with his toys and climbing all over everything, I put him in his highchair and we have some breakfast. He loves to have baby oatmeal and fruit in the morning.

9:15 AM – Once there’s breakfast all over his face, I clean him up and put him back on the floor to play. I usually end up chasing him around the house for a while until I see him rubbing his eyes and yawning.

10:00 AM – We head back upstairs, he has a bottle, and we relax a bit before nap time.

10:30 – 10:45 AM – He usually likes to climb on his crib for a bit (new thing for him) before he tires himself out and falls asleep.

10:46 AM – Most days I head back downstairs, drink my coffee, take my shower, clean up the house, and catch up on my blogging and emailing and any other computer things. Usually I’ll catch a show on Netflix for a bit or something. Basically it’s “mommy time” during Lincoln’s nap. Oh, and usually I eat some lunch too. Also, some days I just take a nap.

12:30 PM – Depending on the day and how much sleep Lincoln got the night before his naps tend to vary, but usually pan out to around 2 hours.

12:31 PM – I bring Lincoln back downstairs and we play on the floor for a while together.

1:00 PM – Back into the highchair for lunch time.

1:15 PM – Sometimes we like to go for walks or go to the park if it’s nice outside. Otherwise we explore around the house and play with the toys until John gets home from work.

3:00 PM – Depending on the day, John usually gets home from work at this time.

3-4 days a week this is when I would start getting ready for work which starts at 3:30 PM for me. So I’ll just continue the schedule as if it was a night that I didn’t have to work (because who knows what goes on when it’s just John and Lincoln!)

3:05 PM – We usually go run any errands that we need to and get groceries before Alexander comes home from school.

4:00 PM – Lincoln goes back upstairs for his second nap while I start to get dinner ready.

5:00 PM – Lincoln wakes up and we all have dinner together.

5:30 PM – Clean up time and play time.

6:00 PM – Depending on the weather we usually go for an evening stroll around town.

7:00 PM – More play time and chasing Lincoln around the house until bed time.

9:00 PM – Bed time for Lincoln (and actually usually for us too, because we’re exhausted by the end of the day)

Obviously, each day has a little bit of difference to it, and everything isn’t perfectly timed out like that. Such as today, Lincoln has had a high fever the past two days because of teething and it’s finally coming down today but his nap ended up starting at 12:00 rather than 10:00, but thats okay.

I have found the schedule is pretty key for the day to run smoothly and this is just what has worked out for us and it keeps us all happy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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