Dads don’t often get the recognition that they deserve. Usually its mom that they come to when they have a problem, get hurt, or want something to eat. It is a tough job being a mom, but it is no easier of a job being a dad. Dads can be our best friends and the ones we run to when mom says no. Or sometimes they can be the enforcer of the rules and we spend our teenage years mad at them because we did something silly and got in trouble.

But like the old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and I guess I never realized just how true that was until Lincoln came along. There are days when I probably wouldn’t have made it through if it wasn’t for John. Sometimes we might clash on our new vs old styles of parenting, but at the end of the day if we didn’t take each other’s advice we would definitely struggle.ย Father’s Day is a day that comes around only once a year, just like Mother’s Day but I think as parents (and especially dads) they don’t get all the appreciation they deserve. But that’s the thing, once you become a parent you stop celebrating yourself and start celebrating your children, and your partner for helping you raise them.

Being a parent gives you a whole new light on what our own parents had to deal with. I am so lucky to have the father that I do. Together we get to share his love of hockey, his overall outgoing-ness, laid back attitude, and definitely his stubbornness. Our fathers are the first guys to steal our hearts, and to spoil us. I know my dad has spent many hours doing a lot of girly things, and maybe what we’re doing wasn’t always his favorite, but as long as he was with his kids it was his favorite at the time. And now that Lincoln and my niece are around, I can see his joy and love as a grandfather and it gives me the light to see how joyful he was his whole life because of his kids.

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7 thoughts on “My first Father’s Day as a mother

  1. So true !!! I give my husband a hard time more than I should. He’s amazing and can look at me and tell if I need a break & he will get the kids and take them off. It’s amazing when they are hyper and crazy he can handle it so good and I’m like no, don’t, stop lol. So thankful my hubby is amazing. I was always a daddy’s girl !!


  2. I agree, Dad’s don’t get enough recognition for what they do. My husband reminds me that sometimes you just have to laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ He is also a hockey fan!!


  3. This is so true Hailey! Since becoming a mom, my whole perspective on fatherhood has changed too. I’m trying to make a point to let my husband know how much I appreciate not only what he does for me, but all the things he does now as a father. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.


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