Some days just aren’t as good as others. There are different levels of bad days. Sometimes you know a bad day is coming, other times they just seem to fall out of the sky. But I do feel like bad days don’t have to be so bad. I find myself to be a positive person a majority of the time, but I have bad days just like everyone else (I think that’s a requirement in being a human). Of course I am no expert, but these are just my tips on how I get through a bad day.

1. Try to find the positives in the bad day. Maybe something about the day might be bad, but as they say “this too shall pass”. There could be good reason that something isn’t going your way. Try to think of what good things happened to you today. A friendly smile, an invite to lunch, etc.

2. If step 1 doesn’t work, just remember that every day has an end. Maybe you are having a particularly bad day at work, but eventually the work day will be over and you will get to go home.

3. Try not to anticipate bad days. There are times when you might know a bad day is coming (a deadline, an exam, a jam-packed scheduled day at work). But try not to let it get to you before the day even arrives. It’s hard when you know it’s coming but you don’t want to ruin the days before it even happens. And just remember like in step 2, that day will eventually come and go before you know it.

4. Radiate good vibes, or talk with someone you know that radiates good vibes. It is true that you feed off the emotions around you. So if you know one of your friends or co-workers is always happy and positive, try to talk with them. And stay away from the Debbie Downers.

5. Take a break. Even if you have an extremely busy day scheduled, stop for 10 seconds, take a deep breath and analyze your situation. Sometimes all you have to do is stop moving for a short while to clear your head again.

6. Go for a walk, get some exercise, hit the gym, get your blood pumping. All those extra endorphins always do the body good.

7. Play some tunes. Whether it’s pop, rock, hip-hop, anything with a good beat. Music always seems to help. Just try to stay away from the slow, sappy songs.

8. Dance. This goes along with steps 6 and 7. For any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there, just dance it out. But really, get up, get moving. It will make you feel better.

9. Manage your day. Maybe you just have too much to do, try to prioritize it all. It’s possible that not everything needs to be done right away. If you make a list of what is the most important and what needs to be done first, it will help put your mind at ease.

10. If all else fails, have a glass of wine at the end of the day.



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