Dear Lincoln,

It’s crazy how fast 10 months can fly by. Each day and each month seem to run right into each other. I remember the times I would think things like “I wonder when Lincoln will start doing …” like rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, crawling, etc. I would search the Internet to see what milestone comes next and when to expect it. I would see other babies online and think “wow, Lincoln isn’t doing that yet” or “wow, Lincoln started doing that a long time ago”. But that is the beauty of it all, every baby is so completely different from one another.

Every month I like to write down in these posts the new things you have learned and started to do, and it is not for comparison. But rather to go back and read in the future and remember how fast we learn, and how wonderful every new milestone can be. I hope that whenever I do decide to have a second baby that I start this series all over again with them and I bet each of your months won’t match up with one another, but that is the joy in it all. And I plan to keep up the letters to you every month for as long as I can. Life moves too fast sometimes, and when you’re younger you might not realize it. But when you get to be older, it’s nice to look back on what was special to us.

This month the weather finally started to feel like spring, and maybe even summer on some days. We spent as much time outside as we could. You’re still a little unsure of what you think of the grass and aren’t quite sure how to move on it. We went for lots of walks and a few hikes. You love to ride on mom or dad’s back on the hikes and chatter the whole time.

You’re getting so good at standing up next to things and walking around them. So far you haven’t been adventurous enough to let go and stand on your own, but I know that day will be here sooner than we know.

You love to eat. But you don’t love when mom and dad feed you. You’re such a big boy that you want to feed yourself, which is fine by us becaus you eat like a champ. You even tried some pizza this month, I’m sure you’ll be asking for that all the time when you can talk if you’re anything like your parents. You’ve also learned that the dog loves to eat people food too. We know when you’re full because you start to drop your scraps to the puppy. He has his new favorite spot under your highchair.

This month we celebrated the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup! Even though it might not be your dad’s favorite team, he’s a little outnumbered up here by my side of the family.

We did a little redecorating to your bedroom (which I plan on making a blog post out of soon) and added a great big map and globe. I have a feeling you will like to travel a lot and be adventurous just like your momma. Gotta start ’em young!

You had your first really high fever this month but you took it like a champ. I think it was harder on mom and dad than it was for you.

You got to celebrate your first Father’s Day this month. We are so super appreciative of everything your dad does for us! We went bowling, played some mini golf, and went out to eat with dad and grandpa. Mom won both games, you’ll have to get used to it.

You also painted your first picture this month. We made some edible finger paints and smushed it around on a paper. Maybe you’ll be a little artist like I also tried to be.

By the time this is posted, you will have gone on your very first airplane ride to visit your grandparents in Florida! There’s lots of good things in store for this month and I’m so glad I get to share these experiences with you. It’s crazy to think that in just 2 months you will already be 1! Time to start planning your birthday party.





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