So, if time could slow down now that would be pretty cool. I cannot believe we are one month away from your first birthday. Every day I can see you become less and less of a baby and more and more of a little boy. It’s crazy how much you have learned and grown in a little less than a year.

This month started off by our trip to Florida. You got to hangout with your grandma, grandpa, & their puppies. You went on your first plane ride and went to Disney world and the ocean! It sure was a month of “firsts”!

We also celebrated my birthday this month. And went to the strawberry festival parade. We went to the beach and had some picnics and finally got to enjoy the nice Upper Peninsula summer weather. 

This month I’ve seen you crawl faster than ever. Specially when you wanna go somewhere that you know you’re not supposed to. Like the kitchen or the bathroom. 

You also climb up on everything. You’re getting more and more trusting of your legs everyday. Sometimes if you’re standing next to something you’ll let go for a little while before you realize that you’re not holding on. You also started to walk with your walker this month. I know it won’t be long and you’ll be walking all over the place. 

You really love to dance. Any time you hear music you start to move along. It sure is the cutest.

You still only have 4 teeth but you sure love to eat! We’ve tried all kinds of different foods and so far I don’t think there’s anything that you don’t like. And if we let you, you sure know how to make a mess with your food! 

This next month is going to be pretty busy but so extremely fun. We got lots of things planned and now it’s time to start preparing for your 1st birthday! 

I sure do love watching you grow. 





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