Now that the summer is coming to a close, John and I have a pretty busy August planned. Some of those plans include a new workout regimen (aka, I joined an intro to crossfit class that’s 4x’s a week for 4 weeks at 5:45 AM (!!) I’ll blog about that when that’s through), as well as travel plans to Grand Rapids for his brother’s wedding, planning for Lincoln’s first birthday party, cleaning up the house before fall, getting in any last minute summer beach days, and a surprise!

With that being said, I won’t have much time to be at my computer this month. BUT, I don’t want to waste the month and post nothing so I asked some ladies from my Fab Female Bloggers group if they would be interested in writing up some guest posts for me. Most of them pertain to mommyhood and I guarantee they will all be a good read. Plus, there will be links to check out their blogs so that you have some more great stuff to read!

So, I just wanted to say that starting tomorrow will be my first guest post! I’ve never had any guest writers on my blog before so I’m pretty excited to see how this goes! I will be still posting myself a few here and there but it will be nice to generate some more of an audience as well.

Once again I am very thankful for all my readers and I hope you all continue to enjoy your summers!



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