How to Look and Feel Sexy in 15 Minutes

Hello my lovelies! 11050650_10100919031377430_8255042867137308811_nMy name is Lindsey Gillian and I am the makeup and beauty blogger behind Beautylicious Blog! I am so excited that Hailey has invited me to guest post for you today and I have a great low maintenance, sexy look to share with you Mama’s that will have you feeling sexy and out the door in just 15 minutes!

Trust me, as a fellow Mama I know how hard it can be to even find a few minutes to take a shower let alone put on some makeup, but rest assured you can look and feel great in just 5 simple steps. This look is great for the office, the mall, the coffee shop or even just to feel a little bit sexier sitting around the house. A less is more approach that won’t make you feel guilty for spending a few minutes on yourself. So let’s get started!

Foundation: If you are blessed with the healthy, natural even skin tone, applying a foundation is not a must for you. Look to a BB cream or a tinted moisturizing product to give your face a natural glow and even out any darker areas under your eyes.

If you have a more uneven skin tone (like myself) look to a thicker foundation that offers a full coverage. Prime your face with some moisturizer about 5-10 minutes before you apply your foundation. For both of these products you will want to use either your fingers to blend it out or a makeup sponge to help apply an even layer across your entire face (remember to dab it and not rub it).

Cheek Bones: Naturally highlight and elongate your face by applying a light pink or peachy shade of blush to your cheek bones. This will give you a natural pop of colour and draw the eye in towards your lips, making your face appear elongated and symmetrical.

Lipstick: For this look, your ideal lip shade will be one colour darker than your natural lip. This is your nude shade. Your most natural shade without looking washed out or like you have gunk built up on your lips (we have all had an experience with the “gunk”). You can wear this lip colour as a matte or glossy finish depending on your mood. For an evening putting you would want to choose a shade 2-3 darker than your natural nude.Unknown-1

Eye Shadow: You want to keep your eye shadow simple and classic. Depending on your skin tone you can match your shadow to blend with the colours of your eyelids. Warm skin tones will match best with sheer beige, yellow and light brown tones. if you have a natural skin tone look to a peachy or rose based pallet. Cool skin tone can count on a more “earthy” based pallet (think blues and greens).

Hair: Be simple. Keep your hair trimmed, shiny and naturally flowing. A simple cut that flatters your face and requires a wash, minimal product and maybe a round brush blow dry. Move your part to the side to adda little attitude and apply a little mouse to your hands and scrunch the middle sections of your hair to take this into evening.

Being a mom is stressful, tiresome and all consuming, but incredibly rewarding at the end of the day. One of the most important things I have learned so far is that WE DESERVE TO LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GREAT. Every mother out there needs some time to themselves and it is important to carve out that time whenever possible. Time to recharge, relax and just feel good about yourself and everything that you have accomplished that day. Believe me you have earned it! Even if it is only 15 minutes.


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