Dear Lincoln {12 months}

Dear Lincoln,

Today is the day! It’s your 1st birthday!! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. It amazes me every day at how much you have learned and grown in such a short time. We have had a very busy month, hence the extreme lack of blog posts (Sorry! Life likes to get in the way!)

This month you started to walk! All of a sudden one day you just let go of the table and off you went. At first it was only a few steps, but now you are cruising all over the place.

You got another tooth this month, and maybe some more coming in as well. So that makes 5 total. All those teeth help you eat all that yummy food like grilled cheese, pizza, bananas, apples, raviolis, spaghetti, etc!

This month you made your first trip downstate for your uncle & new auntie’s wedding. We had such a great time meeting lots of family and celebrating with everyone! Plus swimming in the hotel pool, what could be better?!

We went on a couple different hikes that you tagged along in the backpack for. You sure do love to catch a ride in that thing!

You discovered the amazingness that is the dog bed. It’s so funny to see you climb in there and lay down.

We also went to the beach a few times and hung out with family. It sure was a great month, and an even greater year.

Now it’s time to finish getting ready for your party on Saturday so we can celebrate!!

It sure is crazy how fast time flies, I am so proud of you and everything you have learned so far, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this next year. It would be cool if time could slow down a little bit too. I love you so so much Lincoln Daniel!


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Dear Lincoln {11 months}

So, if time could slow down now that would be pretty cool. I cannot believe we are one month away from your first birthday. Every day I can see you become less and less of a baby and more and more of a little boy. It’s crazy how much you have learned and grown in a little less than a year.

This month started off by our trip to Florida. You got to hangout with your grandma, grandpa, & their puppies. You went on your first plane ride and went to Disney world and the ocean! It sure was a month of “firsts”!

We also celebrated my birthday this month. And went to the strawberry festival parade. We went to the beach and had some picnics and finally got to enjoy the nice Upper Peninsula summer weather. 

This month I’ve seen you crawl faster than ever. Specially when you wanna go somewhere that you know you’re not supposed to. Like the kitchen or the bathroom. 

You also climb up on everything. You’re getting more and more trusting of your legs everyday. Sometimes if you’re standing next to something you’ll let go for a little while before you realize that you’re not holding on. You also started to walk with your walker this month. I know it won’t be long and you’ll be walking all over the place. 

You really love to dance. Any time you hear music you start to move along. It sure is the cutest.

You still only have 4 teeth but you sure love to eat! We’ve tried all kinds of different foods and so far I don’t think there’s anything that you don’t like. And if we let you, you sure know how to make a mess with your food! 

This next month is going to be pretty busy but so extremely fun. We got lots of things planned and now it’s time to start preparing for your 1st birthday! 

I sure do love watching you grow. 




Dear Lincoln {10 Months}

Dear Lincoln,

It’s crazy how fast 10 months can fly by. Each day and each month seem to run right into each other. I remember the times I would think things like “I wonder when Lincoln will start doing …” like rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, crawling, etc. I would search the Internet to see what milestone comes next and when to expect it. I would see other babies online and think “wow, Lincoln isn’t doing that yet” or “wow, Lincoln started doing that a long time ago”. But that is the beauty of it all, every baby is so completely different from one another.

Every month I like to write down in these posts the new things you have learned and started to do, and it is not for comparison. But rather to go back and read in the future and remember how fast we learn, and how wonderful every new milestone can be. I hope that whenever I do decide to have a second baby that I start this series all over again with them and I bet each of your months won’t match up with one another, but that is the joy in it all. And I plan to keep up the letters to you every month for as long as I can. Life moves too fast sometimes, and when you’re younger you might not realize it. But when you get to be older, it’s nice to look back on what was special to us.

This month the weather finally started to feel like spring, and maybe even summer on some days. We spent as much time outside as we could. You’re still a little unsure of what you think of the grass and aren’t quite sure how to move on it. We went for lots of walks and a few hikes. You love to ride on mom or dad’s back on the hikes and chatter the whole time.

You’re getting so good at standing up next to things and walking around them. So far you haven’t been adventurous enough to let go and stand on your own, but I know that day will be here sooner than we know.

You love to eat. But you don’t love when mom and dad feed you. You’re such a big boy that you want to feed yourself, which is fine by us becaus you eat like a champ. You even tried some pizza this month, I’m sure you’ll be asking for that all the time when you can talk if you’re anything like your parents. You’ve also learned that the dog loves to eat people food too. We know when you’re full because you start to drop your scraps to the puppy. He has his new favorite spot under your highchair.

This month we celebrated the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup! Even though it might not be your dad’s favorite team, he’s a little outnumbered up here by my side of the family.

We did a little redecorating to your bedroom (which I plan on making a blog post out of soon) and added a great big map and globe. I have a feeling you will like to travel a lot and be adventurous just like your momma. Gotta start ’em young!

You had your first really high fever this month but you took it like a champ. I think it was harder on mom and dad than it was for you.

You got to celebrate your first Father’s Day this month. We are so super appreciative of everything your dad does for us! We went bowling, played some mini golf, and went out to eat with dad and grandpa. Mom won both games, you’ll have to get used to it.

You also painted your first picture this month. We made some edible finger paints and smushed it around on a paper. Maybe you’ll be a little artist like I also tried to be.

By the time this is posted, you will have gone on your very first airplane ride to visit your grandparents in Florida! There’s lots of good things in store for this month and I’m so glad I get to share these experiences with you. It’s crazy to think that in just 2 months you will already be 1! Time to start planning your birthday party.




Dear Lincoln {9 months}

Dear Lincoln,

It’s crazy to think that you’ve been around post belly as long as you were in my belly! Time is flying by so fast, before I know it we’ll be celebrating your first birthday!

You’ve grown so much this month. You got two new teeth coming in on top, which would make a total of 4 teeth now. And with those teeth you love to eat! We’ve tried all different kinds of foods this month, and you’re a fan of almost all of them, except maybe mango! You’ve even had some macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, pieces of spaghetti, and other foods from your mom and dad’s plates.

You’ve learned a new trick at the end of this month, which is to pull yourself up on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe from you now. I know you’ll be walking before we even realize it.

You still army crawl (the fastest I have ever seen) but your dad and I decided that you are probably just going to skip normal crawling because you can get everywhere you need and fast by doing what you’re doing.

This month I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day because of you. It was a wonderful day and I am so very grateful to be your mother.

We spent lots of time hanging out with family and watching some hockey. Your favorite team (Chicago Blackhawks) are in the Stanley Cup final coming up!

We also went on your first hike this month and you had so much fun! I can’t wait to go on more this summer.

I can’t wait to see what this new month has in store for you. You are growing up so fast! By this time next month we will be in Florida visiting your grandma and grandpa! First airplane trip!


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Dear Lincoln {8 months}

Dear Lincoln,

Time is flying by at a rate that I didn’t know was possible! I can’t believe that next month you will be as old as my pregnancy lasted, and let me tell you.. this time is going by way faster than that did.

You have been growing at a crazy rate this month. You have two little bottom teeth that you like to munch on everything with. Your new favorite snack is Gerber Puffs, I think you like the blueberry flavor the best. You’ve also tried all kinds of different foods this month, including avocados, bananas, and lots of pureed foods. You aren’t very picky yet and I hope it stays that way.

I know last month I was saying that you might be crawling this month but not quite yet. You are SO close though! You’ve started rocking back and forth on your hands and knees but you have yet to reach your arm out farther. But that’s okay because you can army crawl like a champ and you sure are getting EVERYWHERE!

You have such a little personality now. You like to say “mama” all the time, although I know you’re not making the connection that I’m “mama” yet but it sure is cute to hear. You also love to dance when music comes on, you can really bust a move!

This month we got to celebrate grandpa and grandma’s birthdays! We also celebrated your first Easter and had plenty of time spent with family. Your dad and I even got to go on our first date this month since you were born and you got to hangout with grandma for the day!

It’s really hard for me to believe that you will be a year old in just 4 months, but we’ll have a lot of exciting things happen in the meantime!


7months-8 7months-9 7months (1 of 1)-2 7months (1 of 1)-3 7months (1 of 1) DSC_0151 DSC_0169

Dear Lincoln {7 months}

Dear Lincoln,

This sure has been a month of growth! You grew two new teeth and are starting to army crawl. You’ve got the world at your fingers and your parents wrapped around them.

This month has consisted of a lot of playing indoors. It’s still not quite warm enough to venture outside yet, sadly living in the U.P., spring doesn’t always mean spring weather. But now that you’re learning how to move on your own, playing inside is just fine. It’s so fun to watch you go from toy to toy all on your own, it definitely is more fun for you too!

You like to sit on your own, but you still tend to fall over because you get excited about it! You have picked out a few of your toys as your favorites, like your Sophie giraffe and your rolling, crawling ball.

You are also starting to learn to drink out of a cup, and that can be fun to watch too! We just had you try green beans for the first time and I think those might be your new favorite.

You’re taking less short naps during the day and about 2 long naps instead, which I’m totally okay with! You love to go on car rides still and those help put you to sleep too.

You’re growing so fast, I think by next month when I write your blog post you will have the hang of crawling down, and maybe even a few more teeth!

I love watching you grow, I’m glad I get to be your mom!


6months-3 IMG_9379 Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset 7months-3 7months-5

Dear Lincoln {6 months}

Dear Lincoln,

Can someone tell time to slow down? I’m already over a week late on writing this post and I’m going to be writing your 7 month one before I know it!

We shared a very good but busy month! You got to go on your very first road trip to Minneapolis. You did so well in the car, I think its one of your favorite places to be. We got to go to the science museum and look at all the cool things on display! We also got to check out Babie’s*R*Us, but maybe that was more exciting for me than you! We also went to the Mall of America, which was insane. Whenever we go there again hopefully it’s not as busy! But at least there was a lot for you to look at!

We also took a quick trip down to Marquette for the first time. There will be plenty of other trips down there in your life!

We got to watch a lot of your grandpa’s hockey games. You are very interested in all the action on the ice. I’m starting to imagine you out there and I get this feeling that I’m going to be one of those crazy hockey moms. Sorry in advance!

This month you started to eat fruits and veggies for the first time! Lets just say, squash is not one of your favorites. But so far you love sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and pears!

You can sit up on your own now. Sometimes its longer than others but I know soon you won’t need me nearby and you’ll be able to handle it without any falls!

You’re also getting very close to crawling. You do not stop rolling over, even at night! I’m pretty sure you roll around in your sleep even!

It’s finally getting warmer out now so I know this month we will spend a lot of time going for walks.

I’m so thankful that I get to be your momma, these past 6 months have been stressful and crazy but also have left me so grateful and filled with joy.


Valentine-6 Valentine-13 Valentine-14 11006382_10206332300487114_1623417123097626106_n 11046844_10206371666671244_1595373065357185229_n

Dear Lincoln {5 months}

Dear Lincoln,

Wow, 5 months already! It’s hard to believe that next month will already be your half birthday! Time is flying by and I’m so glad I get to spend these precious moments with you!

This month was a little more relaxed for us, which is good! You had a busy couple of months since you’ve been born. It was a pretty chilly January so we spent a lot of the time inside. This meant we both had to get our exercise somehow! I started a new workout routine this month and so did you (well kinda!) You enjoyed time in your jumparoo watching me sweat!

We went to plenty of grandpa’s hockey games this month and you were great at all of them! We also ventured up to Copper Harbor one day to see all the pretty snow on the trees, but I think you slept the whole time!

You started to eat rice cereal this month and really like it! You also like to try and eat with the spoon yourself so it makes for a messy meal, but that’s okay, it’s great to watch you learn how to do new things. I can’t wait to try vegetables next!

You sure are a rollie-pollie-ollie this month. Now that you can roll both ways it’s hard to keep you in one place. You’re also trying to scoot around on the floor but you can only do it if your head is on the ground. I can tell you’re gonna be all over the place pretty soon!

I’m excited to see what’s in store for this next month. Maybe you’ll finally be getting those teeth that seem like you’ve been getting for a while. We’ll also be taking your first road trip to Minneapolis and we’ll go to the Mall of America so there will be plenty for you to look at there! Hopefully this next month will be a little warmer so we can venture outside too!


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Dear Lincoln {4 months}

Dear Lincoln,

I’m pretty sure I can start each one of these posts saying “wow, I can’t believe how fast another month went by!” But it’s true, time with you is really flying by! It’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown in such a short amount of time.

This month sure was a busy one! I finished up my last couple weeks of class and your dad started working day shifts again so we got to spend a lot of time together!

Even though you seemed to hate tummy time at first, you actually got the hang of rolling over now! One day we just put you on your tummy and there you went, right onto your back! A couple weeks later you mastered the art of rolling from back to front as well. So now anytime we put you on your back you roll right to your belly. Sometimes you get a little angry and confused as to why you’re on your belly then you just quick roll yourself over again! Thats one great milestone you accomplished this month. I don’t think it will be long until we find you crawling all over the place!

It seems that now you want anything you can get in your mouth. Especially your hands, those are your favorite. I can’t quite tell but I think you might be getting some teeth in there.

We had our first trip to the ER this month because we thought you might have had an ear infection. One day you decided to be extra crabby and continue to tug on your ear so we got worried and brought you up there. Turns out it was nothing, and some of those symptoms are just signs of teething as well! Better safe than sorry though!

You sat so good through my 2 hour graduation! I think the speaker cried more than you did.

Your grandparents from downstate even made it up this month and got to visit with you too! They just moved down to Florida now, so we will go visit them in the spring and you can take your first plane ride, and see the ocean! You sure are lucky!

We got to celebrate your first Christmas this month and it sure was fun. We went to church on Christmas Eve with your grandparents, uncle Mark, aunt Laura, and cousin Ann.

On Christmas morning we got to open all your presents from Santa, just little things for you to play with! But you definitely liked all of them!

This month you got to go to Grandpa’s holiday hockey tournament! You were mesmerized by all the players on the ice. Someday that will be you out there!

We also celebrated New Years a couple days ago and you decided you wanted to stay up until midnight to celebrate with all of us. Either that or we were too loud and kept you up, sorry!

It really was a busy month full of lots of fun stuff. Next month might not be as busy but I’m sure it will bring many good things!


3months-6 3months-9 3months-12 3months-13 3months-15 3months-17 IMG_7234 IMG_7235

Dear Lincoln {3 months}

Dear Lincoln,

How has 3 months already gone by? It sure is true when they say babies grow up in the blink of an eye. You’re such a happy baby now! Smiling at everything and cooing, too! Sometimes at night you will just smile and coo in your bed when you’re supposed to go to sleep. But I can’t be mad because it’s the cutest thing.

This month was pretty busy! You had to get your 2 month shots and you didn’t care for those at all! But shortly after you were back to smiling again! We played around in the house a lot this month since theres so much snow and it’s so cold outside now. You’re gonna have to get used to it when you’re older though!

You’re beginning to like tummy time a little bit I think! You’re definitely starting to pick your head up off the ground. And now you have a major obsession with eating your hands! That’s one thing that distracts you from tummy time. You’d rather munch on your hands than lift your head, but thats okay!

This month we celebrated Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for you! We went to your grandparents house and ate lots of food. (Well sadly, you didn’t eat the food but you can next year!) We got to spend time with your uncle Mark & aunt Laura, & cousin Ann! She’s very interested in you!

We also went to pick out a Christmas tree and you loved it! You got to be all bundled up in a little sleigh and watch as we picked the right one. We decorated at home and you love all the pretty lights. I decided to take advantage of that and get some pictures with you and the Christmas lights.

This next month of yours will be really busy. Mom is graduating from college(!!), your other grandparents are coming up from downstate to visit, and we get to celebrate your first Christmas & New Years!

Everyday with you is more exciting and fun, I can’t wait to see what this month has in store!

ย Love,